Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ALT-C 2006 - let's use the technology workshop

Live blogging from a workshop on 'using the technology'.

Starting late due to the room having been used for another meeting before, this workshop looks like it might be one of the potentially most interesting events of ALT-C 2006. It has a lot of interest - I will be doing some live blogging, so this post will be updated at intervals over the next hour or so.

One of the presenters says this is 'Workshop 2.0 – always beta so you can get away with murder.'

Peter 16:14hrs.

We are currently trying to set up a live chat facility using Gabbly -
Peter 16:18hrs

We are split into small groups of about 6-7 - doing an exercise on what our interests are in the use of the technologies. is a new wiki tool I have not come across before - see
The workshop webpage is at:
Peter 16:40hrs

There are some tags to other resources at

Another area that was mentioned is at:

There seem to be quite a few Apple Mac users in the session (and at the event as a whole) - Garageband for creating podcasts easily has had a few mentions.
Peter 16:53hrs

An interesting workshop - a lot of useful ideas generated. Need to go and look at a lot of the links that have been provided by tghe organisers.
Peter 17:21hrs

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