Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ALT-C2006 - blogs, podcasts, m-learning and things

Blogs seem to be theme of the event this year; last year, one of the delegates noted, they were hardly mentioned, but there are dozens of presentations this year aboiut using blogs in various ways for education. Rosanne Biirney, from Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland gave some early quantitative results from a study of blog use she is doing for a Masters course research project; this seems to be one of the few real studies reported. Andy Pulman and Andy Worth talked about blogging at Bournemouth, although I was a bit concerned about the 'control factor' they seemed to be imposing. Surely, blogging is all about getting out there and trying it, not practising in a controlled and restricted 'safe' environment. If blogging is, as they say, a one-to-many activity, can it also be a social networking activity? - discuss.

Prize for most intriguing title so far? - a poster titled 'There's no meat in the rice pudding: turning students into artisans'

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  • Thanks for your comments on our presentation at ALT-C Pete. I've posted a response at my edublog which I hope clarifies things....

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