Thursday, September 13, 2007

Miscommunication and medical Malpractice

Miscommunication is a huge problem in the medical practice , years before we didn’t suffer from such problem , but right now we are suffering from it in the age of communications. The miscommunication i mean same as Dr. Mark E. Meaney means , as it’s miscommunication between the Doctors themselves and another miscommunication between the Doctors and the Patient ….

Dr. Mark E. Meaney is the President and CEO of National Institute for Patient Rights (NIPR) …. he helped me through his discussion about that topic to reconsider my thinking about that matter …. To follow up with Dr. Mark E. Meaney you might join Empower Patients group at facebook.
before as my father thought me

” Your Patient is more than case more that a responsibility , you’ll spend sometime with , your patient is trusting you not just as a doctor but also as his guidance , and right now many doctors forget this part and that responsibility , now the patient is just another case “

So :

Can we Consider the Miscommunication as failure in the system Or as Medical Malpractice ?

This Question is based on what i read in “Miscommunication, or a failure to communicate, in health care delivery.” ….. at this Discussion Board ..

There is Miscommunication leading to failure sometime in the diagnosis , sometimes in the decision ( by the patient or his own doctor ) ….

so before i replied the other post , my coder ” programming sense ” hold me to give it a thought ( we should classify the problem and know how dangerous its , then studying it , Analysis the causes , then make the plan to fix , cure and treat the problem ”

so now this miscommunication is :

1- a small failure in the system ?!!
2- or a complete malpractice ?!!!!

the way i see it :
it’s a complete medical malpractice ,why :,

1.confuse the Teamwork actions .. between the doctors
2.produce a conflict in the diagnosis and/or medication
3.The decision by the patient himself might be regrettable , wrong cause it build on wrong or incomplete information cause the miscommunication ..
4-Miscommunication Leads to Misunderstanding which finally will conclude to Misjudgments ……

Each Patient’s case is a Ship and needs only one captain to admin it and guide it …..

Personally as i see : we can’t say how to fix this miscommunication , simply cause the Doctor’s area and environments are too much different , it might be closed environment ( Hospital , Center , Clinic ) or wide open ( Health Charity Organizations , Open Clinics , community health services powered by the community ) , plus we need to know the source of cause about miscommunication , in wide large scale of doctors and health services providers as well as many environments … (That’s way we need many doctors to Contribute us in this matter , we need to know many opinions , and know about many environments ) ..

The solution has it’s own 2 ways :
1-fix the partial miseducation and environmental , works causes which lead to miscommunication .finally to misjudgment . ( The Diagnosis , and the decision then the medication )

2-social and community icons : as the chaplain , Family Doctor …. as Dr.Mark E. Meaney suggests …. which i totally agree about the whole concept .

… years later this miscommunication will be massive and produce non avoidable consequences , which we can avoid the future problem by fixing and planning how from now …

Hamza E.e Mousa .


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