Friday, April 27, 2007

Blood safety project wins top GC Award for Innovation 2007

I was delighted to see on the Kable Government Computing web site that a team from John Radcliffe Hospital had won the top prize for their Wireless Enabled Blood Tracking project.

The judges were impressed by how it dealt with a complex process in the challenging environment of a modern hospital, staying focused on the prime objective of helping to save lives and promising long term benefits for healthcare in the UK.

The project has provided end to end electronic control of blood administration, ensuring safer transfusions, eliminating errors, cutting costs and freeing up staff time. It uses hand held computers uses hand held computers to correctly identify the patient by reading the barcode on their wristband, and to deliver a simple to use transfusion protocol right to the point of care at the patient’s bedside. The system ensures that the blood sample taken for cross-matching is correctly labelled at the patient’s bedside and that the right blood unit is given to the right patient.

This is combined with "BloodTrack Courier" which provides a system for managing blood stock by controlling staff access rights and managing the transportation of blood products around the clinical environment. Blood products can be traced from arrival in the blood bank through to retrieval and delivery to the patient.

The project has realised both cost savings and improvement in patient safety.

Further information is available from their Information Sheet.

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