Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Research and publication sharing networks

A colleague today invited me to join Mendeley a web and desktop application which helps to organise, share, and discover research papers.

I tried it out (as I often do when told about these sorts of applications) and I particularly liked the easy way to import references and whole papers from Google Scholar, publishers sites and electronic journals, with one click. This makes building an attractive CV much easier. I didn't like the fact that the "Medicine" discipline was the closest I could find to "health" & it didn't include a sub category for Health Informatics - but perhaps this will change.

The site also claims to help explore research trends and connect to other academics in your discipline, although as I only signed up this morrning it is too early to see how effective this will be. So far I have found it the easiest to use of all the sites of this type which I have tried. My own profile is at to give an idea what it looks like (but I haven't uploaded all my publications yet)

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