Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NHS CfH Southern Cluster ETD day

Today I attended a study day organised by NHS Connecting for Health Southern Cluster Education, Training and Development (ETD) at Taunton Racecourse.

The day was chaired by Nick Jupp (ETD Lead, NHS Somerset Health Informatics)

The first speaker was different to the usual NHS "Men in Suits" when - Andrew Raynes (ETD Programme Manager, NHS CFH, Southern Cluster) appeared in his schoolboy outfit and used a high tech drum kit to illustrate points he wanted to make about working together, under the title of "NPfIT Skool of Rock". He achieved audience participation with the use of maracas and tambourines.
(I have video available for blackmail purposes)

The next (rather dry) presentation was on the Role and Benefits of Change Management within NPfIT by Steve Swift (Business Change Manager , Fujitsu NHS Services)

After coffee and some useful networking with colleagues from the NHS, Cerner and Fujitsu alliance, Phil Bolton (E-learning Development Manager, Royal United Hospital, Bath) gave a presentation about the issues they have experienced in training for their implementation of Cerner Millenium Release 0 which has been delayed for 14 months (so far) and demonstrated an elearning application they have developed rather than use the training domain provided by Fujitsu.

The final presentation of the morning was by Dr Roger Tackley (Chairman Southern Cluster Terminology Group SCCAG) who talked about the SNOMED CT terminology system as a concept. This seemed unfamilar to many of the trainers present and he emphasised the importance of this for clinical use of the Cerner Millenium system.

After a good lunch there were four parallel sessions:
• Table top challenge –Maria Scott (Clinical Benefits Advisors, NHS CFH)
• Professional Support and Development workshop - Di Wilson (ETD Networks Development Manager, NHS CFH) / Jackie Smith (Informatics Specialists Development Managers, NHS CFH)
• CIS Accredited Learning – Kamru Mohammed (ETD Systems & Platform Lead, NHS CFH)
• Implementing Training standards (What do you want out of the standards – A Case Study approach) – Jonathan Coe (ETD Standards Delivery Manager)

I attended the session on Professional Support and Development which involved teams using a variety of children's toys, sellotape, and modeling clay to represent what health informatics is and the knowledge and skills required - and the role of NPfIT (during which I got to do a bit of juggling!)

The day closed with a panel session answering (or trying to) some of the questions which had been put onto post it notes during the day by delegates.

An undercurrent to the day was provided by a report on the Radio 4 news this am which was carried by the Times as £6.2bn IT scheme for NHS ‘is not working and is not going to work’ with the comment that "A lack of vision and poor understanding of the sheer size of the task meant that the IT overhaul “isn’t working and isn’t going to work”, by Andrew Rollerson, an executive with Fujitsu. As I was sitting at a table with some of the staff from Fujitsu this caused some discussion!

Generally it was quite an interesting day - although obviously aimed at NHS ETD staff rather than me - and I did make some useful contacts and learn some bits I wasn't aware of.

I am assured that the power point presentations will be made available on the NHS Connecting for Health Southern Cluster Education, Training and Development (ETD) web site.

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