Tuesday, April 24, 2007

He@lth Information on the Internet 56(1), April 2007

The latest edition of He@lth Information on the Internet 56(1), April 2007 has just been published and includes some interesting artciles:

Social networking in the health context
Childs, Sue

Online communities for healthcare professionals: when hype meets reality
Sandars, John

Medical Journals Back-files Project
Kiley, Robert

Bookmarks: Infection control
Blenkinsopp, John

Getting Web developers to wear sensible shoes: working with developers to create online user services
Robalino, Shannon

View from the front line: Beyond the PDA
Brown, Harry

Current literature
Waddington, Marina

What's new?
Williamson, Laurian

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Health websites need personal testimonies

The BBC News is today reporting an ESRC funded study by Northumbria University under the heading 'Personal' health websites sought, which found "People searching online for health advice often reject sites giving high quality information in favour of those with a human touch".

The findings showed users did not like adverts & didn't trust drug company web sites, but looked for those with personal stories to which the reader could relate.