Sunday, February 24, 2008

Full text of Downing Street briefing

The 2002 Downing Street briefing about NHS IT discussed below has now been realesed in full text on the wikileaks web site under the heading "Tony Blair 2002 NHS IT briefing" at .

Wikileaks is an uncensorable version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. It combines the protection and anonymity of cutting-edge cryptographic technologies with the transparency and simplicity of a wiki interface. Comment and discussion, which can be anonymous, is welcomed on the site.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The meeting which started NPfIT

Computer weekly has several pieces themed around the papers recently released after 3 years of a Freedom of Information Act request. There give some detail about the briefing held in Feb 2002 at which Department of Health staff and industry advisers from Microsoft UK and Cisco laid out plans for IT in the NHS to Tony Blair and several ministers.

* Was NHS IT plan agreed before Downing St meeting?

* Secret papers reveal Blair's rushed NPfIT plans

Coming in the week when we hear that "More than £4bn spent on NPfIT by April 2008" they illustrate the lack of careful planning on which the whole enterprise was based.

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