Tuesday, December 01, 2009

NHS Clinical Informatics Best Practice Marketplace


An opportunity to share innovations and experiences in the field of clinical informatics that can make a real difference to patient care

25th March 2010
Waterside, Watershed, Bristol

A collaboration between: The University of the West of England, UK Faculty of Health Informatics and Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital
(Part of Bristol University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to participate in an innovative new meeting which aims to bring together clinicians and social care staff from various backgrounds, who are involved with real world informatics solutions.

Many of the themes that we will be covering at our first market place are focusing on sharing informatics solutions that have already made and can make huge differences to patient safety and the overall quality of care.

The 6 main areas that we plan to cover on 25th March we hope are of huge interest, potential and at times frustration for NHS and Social Care staff, patients and carers. These are:

1. E-prescribing with decision support in secondary care

2. Clinical incident reporting systems and clinical audit tools

3. The development and use of community based information systems spanning across mental health, long term conditions and social care

4. Telecare and the use of teleconferencing in patient care

5. Clinical portals, patient portals and the use of clinical dashboards

6. Medical simulation and its use in clinical learning and development

The features of the proposed market place are very distinct from existing conferences and trade exhibitions in that it will be:

• Clinically focused – the issues that we are trying to find solutions to and share lessons learned from are led from a clinical viewpoint rather than a technical or sales perspective. There will be suppliers present but they will all have been invited along by Health or Social Care service provider.

• Focused on real experience of what already works – too often NHS staff have felt frustrated by suppliers promoting technical developments that haven’t actually yet been deployed in UK health and care settings. This market place is designed to share what has already been tried and tested in different parts of the NHS and Social Care from across the UK from a clinical/service perspective.

• Free of charge – the event is funded by the UK Faculty of Health Informatics and has been organised in partnership with Clinicians from Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital and academics from the University of the West of England. The personal details used when registering will not be shared with any other suppliers i.e. no follow-up sales calls or invitations to demonstrations

• Provide access to established Communities of Practice – if you want to progress ideas or issues more you will be able to sign up for free membership of an on-line community based on the Department of Health’s Informatics Directorate’s eSpace platform as well as other groups in order to keep in touch with other people that you have met on the day.

Format and structure:

Although the market place will be open all day from 9.30am until 5pm, unless you are a presenter or exhibitor you only need to attend when you wish to or are free to.

Short presentations on each of the 6 main themes will take place throughout the day from 10am until 4pm in a separate auditorium adjacent to the market place. You can attend as many of these interactive presentations as you wish.

We will have a limited number (around 16) stands for participants and their associated suppliers to demonstrate their solutions

The event is designed for staff working in Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, AHP, Social Care, Informatics, Senior Management, Communications or Education and Training roles.

Support for back-fill and travel costs will be available to NHS and Social Care staff who exhibit a solution and/or share their experiences at one of the plenary sessions.

Organisation and next steps:

The event has been organised by 5 members of the UK Faculty of Health Informatics.

If you would like to discuss any specific aspects of the event then please contact any of the following people:

Peter Murphy – Consultant Anaesthetist, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Rod Ward - Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Care, UWE Tel: 0117 32 88477,

Steven Sale - Consultant Anaesthetist, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

Tony Solomonides – Reader, School of Computer Science, UWE,

Bruce Elliott – Co-ordinator of the UK Faculty of HI/ Programme Manager – DH Informatics Policy & Planning, Tel: 0778 6705 955,

If you would like to share your experiences at the event please contact by Friday 29th January 2010.

You can book your place at the event by registering at:

We hope that it is of real interest to you.

Kind regards

Bruce Elliott

The UK Faculty of Health Informatics purpose is:

To stimulate the uptake and application of Informatics research and development within UK Health and Social Care services in order to improve the quality of care for all.

This is done through providing opportunities for anyone with a passion for applying their Informatics knowledge and experience in practice to participate in:
• an engaging on-line discussion forum
• vibrant face to face events and meetings
• writing relevant and stimulating reports and papers
• sharing their own research findings

Membership and attendance at all Faculty events is free of charge. To apply for membership go to:

You will be prompted to enter your eSpace log-in details or to apply for membership on clicking this link

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Call for Research Proposals - Evaluation of the effect of IT on interactions between healthcare workers and patients

The NHS Connecting for Health Evaluation Programme has an interesting call for proposals open at the moment. NHS CFHEP 010: Evaluation of the effect of IT on interactions between healthcare workers and patients is designed to "evaluate the effect of IT
on interactions between healthcare workers and patients...." and meet the "need to understand how different configurations of IT equipment and screen layouts may affect communication acceptability."

This area has long been an issue which has been perceived by some as a barrier to increased use of IT in healthcare delivery. It will be interesting to see the results in terms of IT arrangement and the effects of IT use on the time taken for consultations. It will be even more interesting to see if the results affect the perceptions and opinions of medical and other healthcare practitioners, who perceive that the use of IT in patient consultations may be seen as reducing their omnipotence & whether this may contribute to changes in medical paternalism.

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Saturday, September 29, 2001

Oh! This is an interesting group! Sent to me by Dr. Shelagh Mulvaney:

The starting page states:

  • The Center for Cell Phone Applications in Healthcare (C-PAHC) is Medical Records Institute’s platform for studying and advocating the development and adoption of cell phone technologies for use in healthcare.
  • C-PAHC is a membership-based organization that envisions the development of a wide range of healthcare applications for mobile phones, smart phones, and PDAs and explores current and developing technologies and how they will impact the healthcare industry.
  • Many related standards and much collaboration are needed, so C-PAHC will act as a clearinghouse and collaboration center in regard to cell phone technologies in healthcare.
  • The upcoming TEPR+ 2009 conference (February 1-5, Palm Springs, CA) will be the main meeting point for developers, users, vendors, carriers, and the healthcare community at large.

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