Friday, October 02, 2009

HI Now - NI2009 special

The latest edition of HI Now from the British Computer Society has now been published and is available in PDF from

It has a special focus on the Nursing Informatics conference with reports on:

Sensory enhanced health information systems

The related concepts of consumer oriented and driven
healthcare services, and the increasing relevance of
home and mobile monitoring devices to improve personal
independent living were discussed throughout the
NI2009 programme.

Personal health information management systems

The topic of the NI2009 post conference was Personal
Health Information Management Systems (PHIMS):
Tools and Strategies for Citizen’s Engagement
(in their health care).

Human computer interaction

The human computer interaction stream at the recent
Nursing Informatics conference (NI2009) included a look
at the online managed knowledge network that shares
knowledge in eHealth in Scotland.

Outcome measures and ethical competence

The human computer interaction and ethics and nursing
informatics streams at NI2009 provided delegates with a
new set of challenges.

Pre registration education
Carol Bond provides an overview of the pre registration
education stream that ran through NI2009.

Educational informatics

A discussion based around five presentations covering
educational aspects of health and nursing infomatics.

Evidence based practice

A report on the strand of the NI2009 conference that
focused on different ways of providing evidence to
clinicians to help them make decisions at the point of nursing care

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Latest HI Now

The latest edition of HI NOW the newsletter of the BCS health informatics community has just been piblished.

Contents include:

* Industry news
* HC reshaped for the future
* Bellamy to cover the foundations upwards
* Secure sharing of documents and images
* Web 2.0 woven into health information's future
* Is health informatics growing up?
* ProRec-UK set up to represent UK on standards
* Submissions for Medinfo 2010
* Lessons to share on electronic records
* Electronic info to speed up emergency treatment
* Chemotherapy planning tool scoops award
* Forthcoming events

In this issue Martin Bellamy talks about what he will say at HC2009. This article is also featured in Computing.

You can read it at:

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Latest issue of UK Health Informatics Today

The latest issue of UK Health Informatics Today (UKHIT no 57, Autumn 2008) was published yesterday.

It is a special themed issue which examines a variety of eHealth solutions which facilitate new forms of communication between clinicians and between clinicians and patients. The overall message in the varied and optimistic papers is that text messaging, PDAs, ubiquitous medical devices and Web 2.0 applications will allows patients and professionals to "do the previously impossible".

The contents include:

* Putting ICT into STI Management
* EpiSurveyor: An Open Source Revolution in Data Collection
* Using Ajax for Cleaner Software
* Text Messaging for Health Promotion Among Adolescents
* Designing for the Hospital Environment: Focusing on the Context
* Exploring the Role of Metadata in Health Information Applications
* Application of Mobile Computers and Wireless Technologies in Clinical Dentistry

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Friday, May 23, 2008


The latest (25(2) June 2008) edition of Health Information and Libraries Journal has just been made available at:

It contains several interesting papers (but I might be biased as I was the lead author on one of them!

Editorial - Information, immunization and the information professional Kate McIntosh

Original articles

The attitudes of health care staff to information technology: a comprehensive review of the research literature Rod Ward, Christine Stevens, Philip Brentnall, Jason Briddon

Online anatomy and physiology: piloting the use of an anatomy and physiology e-book-VLE hybrid in pre-registration and post-qualifying nursing programmes at the University of Salford Michael Raynor, Helen Iggulden

Job hunting in the UK using the Internet: finding your next information professional role in the health care sector and the skills employers require Karen Davies

The Journal of Ayub Medical College: a 10-year bibliometric study Midrar Ullah, Idrees Farooq Butt, Muhammad Haroon

Scottish toolkit for knowledge management Lynn Caldwell, Sandra Davies, Fiona Stewart, Annette Thain, Ann Wales

Informationist programme in support of biomedical research: a programme description and preliminary findings of an evaluation Susan C. Whitmore, Suzanne F. Grefsheim, Jocelyn A. Rankin

Regular features

Korean medical libraries and professional associations: changing services and roles Jeong-Wook Seo, Jeong Hee Park, Heajin Ki, Jin Young Park, Mi-Jeong Park, Hye-Yang Kim

Promoting reflective information literacy practice through Facilitating Information Literacy Education (FILE) Susie Andretta

Implementing EBLIP: if it works in Edmonton will it work in Newcastle?
Andrew Booth

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

He@lth Information on the Internet - 59

The latest issue of He@lth Information on the Internet (v59 Oct 2007) is now available the table of contents includes:

TI: Is the usable, accessible Web a mythical beast?
AU: Childs, Sue

TI: Losing weight on the Web? A content analysis of dieting-related Web sites
AU: Jung, Taejin; McClung, Steven; Youn, Hyunsook; Chang, Ts-Shan

TI: Palliative care
AU: Blenkinsopp, John

TI: View from the front line Medical search engines
AU: Brown, Harry

TI: Current literature
AU: Waddington, Marina

TI: What's new?

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Friday, May 25, 2007

JMIR Volume 9, Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2007)

Volume 9, Issue 2 (Apr-Jun 2007) of the Journal of Medical Internet Research has just been published and includes some interesting papers. The html versions are free for all and PDF versions available for subscribers.

Using Internet and Mobile Phone Technology to Deliver an Automated Physical Activity Program: Randomized Controlled Trial
Robert Hurling, Michael Catt, Marco De Boni, Bruce William Fairley, Tina Hurst, Peter Murray, Alannah Richardson, Jaspreet Singh Sodhi

Reach, Engagement, and Retention in an Internet-Based Weight Loss Program in a Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial
Russell E Glasgow, Candace C Nelson, Kathleen A Kearney, Robert Reid, Debra P Ritzwoller, Victor J Strecher, Mick Couper, Beverly Green, Kevin Wildenhaus

Internet-Based Interactive Health Intervention for the Promotion of Sensible Drinking: Patterns of Use and Potential Impact on Members of the General Public
Stuart B Linke, Elizabeth Murray, Ceri Butler, Paul Wallace

A Survey of Quality Assurance Practices in Biomedical Open Source Software Projects
Günes Koru, Khaled El Emam, Angelica Neisa, Medha Umarji

How Cancer Survivors Provide Support on Cancer-Related Internet Mailing Lists
Andrea Meier, Elizabeth J Lyons, Gilles Frydman, Michael J Forlenza, Barbara K Rimer

User-Centered Research on Breast Cancer Patient Needs and Preferences of an Internet-Based Clinical Trial Matching System
Nancy L. Atkinson, Holly A. Massett, Christy Mylks, Bethany Hanna, Mary Jo Deering, Bradford W. Hesse

Pilot Randomized Trial of the Effect of Wireless Telemonitoring on Compliance and Treatment Efficacy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Carl J Stepnowsky (Jr.), Joe J Palau, Matthew R Marler, Allen L Gifford

Improving Information Technology Adoption and Implementation Through the Identification of Appropriate Benefits: Creating IMPROVE-IT
Kevin J Leonard, Dean F Sittig

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