Friday, January 09, 2009

MEDTING clinical web portal

A Facebook friend recently reminded me about MEDTING a web portal for the presentation and discussion of clinical cases using images, and videos.

It is a no cost service where any internet user can search and review medical images, videos and clinical cases, although only registered users can upload cases. Content is tagged with SNOMED CT to make images, videos, ECG traces etc easier to find and structured so that case progression can be followed. Registered users can also vote and comment on the cases which are presented.

I found the interface a little clumsy in some areas, and although I clicked on the Union Jack for English Language some of the case study descriptions appear to be only available in Spanish, however the quality of the images and materials are generally good and in high resolution even with my limited monitor and eyesight.

I feel this is a useful free resource for use by medical students and practitioners as part of their education and professional development, and I hope further case study uploads and interface improvements will make it even better.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Computer games in medical education

Todays Guardian carries a piece by Ian Sample entitled Dexterity boost from games consoles hones surgery skills which describes a study from the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Centre, in Phoenix, Arizona, which asked eight trainee doctors to spend an hour playing games on a console before "performing surgery". Mark Marshall, the centres director of simulation and training, concluded that "Our trial shows this improves the skills of the surgeons when they are told to pick exercises within the games. It makes their training much, much quicker."

I can't currently find the full report on this but it seems to be one more example of the potential benefits of technology in health care professional education - it will be interesting to see if the benefits outweigh the costs.

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