Friday, July 04, 2008

Clinical Engineering and IT Collaboration

In February 2008, leaders of the Association for the Advancement of Medical
Instrumentation (AAMI), the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE), and
the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) joined forces to develop the Clinical Engineering/IT (CE-IT) community.

By pooling our resources and expertise, the CE-IT Community is dedicated

  • Fostering development of a united voice for IT and clinical engineering
    concerns and a forum for its expression
  • Providing a mechanism for developing resources, guidelines, and best
    practices for the CE-IT community
  • Exploring appropriate collaboration of clinical engineering/IT functions
  • Developing a framework for representing the interests of clinical engineering and IT departments to the broader healthcare community


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

FreeOnline Arabic Organs Trade system - Privacy Protection and Public Safety

10 days ago , a Friend sent me this site saying it’s the first Arabic application using Rubyonrails , so i added it to my todo list to see it later when i get some time , thinking of it as an armature work and training project as all other Arabic projects , a week ago this friend send me back

”strange you are a doctor , you should be interested “ ,

“ Interested ! About what exactly? “ ,

“ the site for blood donation “

“WHAT ? “

“Online Blood Donation “ …

here come to the monument , i stopped everything i was doing ( Closed all Browser window , Stop Coding , and close my Favorite Music ) and back to this miracle ( the site ) , Miracle to add this kind of project to become a training armature project !!!!!..

I Opened the site : to get simple interface design , and Fascinating Blood Donation Requests …. from the individuals ( Patients and Patient’s Relatives ) who are seeking for blood or people who are donating ….. some people add they want to donate their blood , ( good effort and Generous of Them !!!)…

But here comes the real example of involving the people who are unaware of Medical privacy , Privacy protection and Public safety in those kind of projects … as example Interesting Requests and submission you’ll get in the requests list :

Feel free to See all the Patient's Data online .with no restrictions or privacy by the patients and patient's relatives themselves


The common Arabic Misuse : The Project became something else

  • People ( Patient’s Relatives ) asking of Organs ( Kidneys ) and people who can donate it !!!

  • People saying They want to donate their one of their kidneys … Including Their own Cell phone Numbers and contact details .( My Question is : it’s selling Or donating “ Hard to tell the difference here )


Fascinating , I believe this site for blood donation ( i don’t know How ,but seems some people interested ) AND the hard reality it becomes something about Organs transplantation and Donation On line , ( i don’t wanna to say Trade ).kidney2.jpg


The Law is the Law and Now They have to Go : (Hot Fuzz –2007 movie , quote ‘ Simon Pegg ‘ ) :

The Medical Law included the Privacy Protection for the Patient safety and for the Patient sake …. here i see this site as example with developer doesn’t realize the Privacy Protection as one of the major items of the Medical Practice and Medical Info these day , surly he doesn’t expect it becomes that Far to be that danger for the public safety …

The Patients :

The Patient’s Relatives, are willing to do anything and crossing the red lines starting with paying Money , for what they believe it’s for the patient sake , and that’s why the official Medical systems made for , to Organize and arrange those kind of operation and events.

Awareness of the Privacy Protection , surely will be considered for the public safety , why : using unofficial systems that’s could include Unofficial people , unofficial methods to get what they want .. ( Imagine may be the Organized Crime )

Patient , Patient’s Relatives : Mostly don’t consider seeing the larger View as the System dose … what if the Patients can Do Official adds in the Newspaper asking for Kidneys , Livers , Hearts ??? I believe that’s The real Definition of “ Chaos “…

The Developer :

1-Unaware of the Medical Law , Privacy Control and Public Safety

2-Choose this Dangerous Project to applicate what he Just Learn ,

3-Didn’t read / know / Search about those types of medical projects , all what he knows ( Blood Types )

4-He provides a tool for Patients welling to do anything include paying for what they need to help them crossing the Official Desks , Helping them to not use the official Channels and Publishing / Publicize they Needs On line , Crossing the Official Channels is the real danger .. helping them in that silly way , doesn't solve the problems but it'll made the problem more complicated ..

5-helping the people they need Money or thinking their body as a tool of trade ( kidneys as example )to Contact with those Disparate patients … ( Open Market )

7-This developer , cross the Official Channels himself , Awareness or Complete Ignorance ( no Much Difference ) but this Kind of Project should be belong to the Official Channels and Under the medical law with restricted medical supervision …

Official Channels :

1-No Response yet .

2-The response should be follow by a Privacy/Public protection Move .

3-Respected and Restricted Law for the Medical project and unofficial Channels .

Conclusion :

Law : No Law Yet for Quite an On line events / projects / individual Moves like this !!!( International or Locals )

Developer Awareness : regrading what happened in this Project and how dangerous it’s for the public safety , seems the developers should read more about the points Considered in medical informatics projects , Privacy protection , and medical laws .

Official Desks /Channels and Control :If Those kind stuff controlled Or Mistreated It’ll Transfer it to an Open Market of Under Ground Medical activities and events .. which it’s Hard to be controlled , so Open Market , Organs Trade , and Underground medical activities Could be Controlled by the Mafia ( Why Not!!! ) so it could become WWW , World Wild Web not World Wide Web .

Dr-Hamza E.e Mousa

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Medical Informatics & The Internet in Medicine, 32(1) 2007

Medical Informatics & The Internet in Medicine, 32(1) 2007

The latest edition of this journal has just been made available and includes some interesting articles including:

Electronic health records: Is the evidence base any use?
Authors: S. Clamp; J. Keen

Using artificial intelligence to bring evidence-based medicine a step closer to making the individual difference
Authors: B. Sissons; W. A. Gray; A. Bater; D. Morrey

Progress towards automated detection and characterization of the optic disc in glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy
Authors: R. A. Abdel-Ghafar; T. Morris

Integrating health information: A case study of a health information service for thalidomide survivors
Authors: Martin Johnson

Addressing the need for adaptable decision processes within healthcare software
Authors: P. Miseldine; A. Taleb-Bendiab; D. England; M. Randles

Use of OWL-based tools to aid message development and maintenance
Authors: Tom Marley; Alan Rector

Using Unified Modelling Language (UML) as a process-modelling technique for clinical-research process improvement
Authors: P. Kumarapeli; S. De Lusignan; T. Ellis; B. Jones

Using XML and XSLT for flexible elicitation of mental-health risk knowledge
Authors: C. D. Buckingham; A. Ahmed; A. E. Adams

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