Monday, September 10, 2007

EPSRC call for Exploration Studies for Grand Challenges within the Information-Driven Health Initiative

The Engineering and Physicial Sciences Research Council and the Medical Research Council (MRC) are calling for exploration studies for grand challenges in Information-Driven Health.

This is the preparatory stage of a potential major initiative in this area, looking at the potential of novel Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to improve health and transform care provision.

Initially, they are looking to support eighteen month activities intended to develop and inform potential future research grand challenges in this area. The initiative seeks to support multi-disciplinary ICT and health research to enable earlier and better detection, decision and intervention.

Examples of advances that might fall within this vision include amongst others:

· The use of simulation and modelling to enable personalisation of treatments;

· The integration of clinical imaging with biomedical modelling and other information to allow visualisation of diagnostic and treatment decision relevant biological information rather than physical parameters;

· Opening up new opportunities for early detection of public health issues by combination of health care, genomic, socio-economic, and demographic data;

· Using two-way information flow with implantable devices;

· The use of networked sensors and other pervasive IT technologies to monitor health and control intervention delivery both within and outside dedicated care environments;

· Novel data integration and interrogation techniques to enable linkage of large-scale ‘omic analysis to biomedical measures, epidemiology and clinical observations.

Closing Date: 4pm Thursday, 8 November 2007

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

NHS SDO call for the investigation of The impact and implications of new technologies on the workforce

The NHS Service Delivery Organisation this week put out a call for proposals (Ref WRK240) related to current issues for the health and social care workforce.

They are seeking applications for
innovative proposals related to the following topics:
* The effectiveness of multi-professional team-working
* The contribution of the health and social care workforce in maintaining patient dignity
* The impact and implications of new technologies on workforce reconfiguration and the educational and training needs of managers and professionals
* The impact of staff motivation and wellbeing on patient care
* The public health workforce

Topic 3 "The impact and implications of new technologies on workforce reconfiguration and the educational and training needs of managers and professionals" looks particularly interesting, with the recognition that the management and delivery of care is being heavily influenced by the introduction of new technologies. The call suggests that there is a "lack of diversity in the sources of high-quality evidence regarding the impact of new information technology on workforce issues including the resources required for staff training (such as time and skills) and workflow redesign."

Proposals will need to address one or more of the following questions:
• What is the impact and what are the implications of new technologies on workforce reconfiguration and planning processes?
• What are the education and training needs of managers, professionals and users in the use of new technologies?
• How can the NHS develop appropriate decision-support tools using new technologies?
• How can the barriers to adopting new technologies be overcome?

If anyone might be interested in collaborating in putting together an outline proposal, please get in touch.

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