Sunday, November 09, 2008

Socio-technical approach to technology projects in the NHS

At a masterclass event entitled: “10% Technology, 90% Business Change hosted by the UK Faculty of Health Informatics participants were asked "What should be done to make a socio-technical approach to the delivery of technology projects in health and social care in the NHS the norm?"

To continue the work of the masterclass a Wetpaint Wiki has been set up at: where relevant contributions are welcomed, which will be incorporated into the report which is being prepared with the hope that it can be used to influence key developments in the NHS such as the implementation of the National Health Informatics Review in England.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Webinar: Accessibility of Next Generation Web Applications: An Overview of Web 2.0

Thursday, June 19, 2 PM EASTERN (New York time)
Presenter: Jared Smith from WebAIM
Register at:

The term "Web 2.0" is being used to describe new methods of using the web, innovative technologies, and next generation web applications. AJAX, blogging, wikis, content aggregation, tagging, and mashups arejust a few components of "Web 2.0". Even if we have not reached a new version of the web, these new technologies and ways of using the web represent a significant change.

Despite the issues that Web 2.0 technologies may have on accessibility, the very nature of these applications can potentially result in much higher levels of accessibility for people with disabilities. This session will provide an overview of what Web 2.0 is, how it can impact users with disabilities for good and for bad, and some approaches and techniquesfor addressing accessibility.

Register for this free Webinar on Web 2.0

Carolyn Dudas
Web Developer/Information Specialist
Penn State Behrend
4205 College Drive
Erie, PA 16563-1201

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wetpaint wiki on social networking in the NHS

Following last weeks meeting on Social Networking in the NHS a wetpaint wiki entitled May Masterclass - social networking
has been set up to ensure that everyone can contribute to the final event report and discussion paper. All contributors need is a passion for utilising the full potential of Social Networking tools in the NHS.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I received an email the other day asking me to look at a Beta test of Wiser Wiki.

WiserWiki has been produced as a free service by Elsevier and aims to allow accredited physicians to comment, collaborate and update medical information online and is viewable by everyone. The site was originally seeded with content from John Noble’s “Textbook of Primary Care Medicine” (3rd Edition).

Having been a long term user, and contributor, to Wikipedia over the last 3+ years and having played with various other wiki software and applications, I was interested to take a look.

I wonder whether this approach by a major established publisher of books illustrates a trend we will see growing in future years - is this the way in which 2nd and 3rd editions of books will be developed with collaboration and contribution from experts in a subject around the world?

I can understanding limiting editing rights to those with appropriate qualifications, but was surprised that the facility to use inline citations within the text, now increasingly required on wikipedia, has not been used in this application to validate the sources of the information provided.

I also wonder.....
* whether the publishers are hoping to get contributions from authors for free through this medium?
* whether the public and patients will value this information more highly than that on other web sites?
* what this approach means for the financial, copyright and intellectual property rights rules of the publishing houses?

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