HC 2001

Healthcare Computing Conference

Harrogate 19-21 March 2001

A personal review by Rod Ward



These reports are written on the fly during the conference and posted on the web on a daily(ish) basis.

Wednesday morning started with a few aftereffects from the dinner last night and deteriorating weather.

My day started with a meeting of a few members of the BCS NSG exec completing a response to "Consultation presentation NHSIA portfolio of projects and services - strategic direction and business case.

I then attended a session entitled "Change through education and partnership" which was chaired by Sue Kinn Sue Kinn
Rafik Cader The first speaker was Rafik Cader from the University of Northumbria, who described and demonstrated a web based course for which he and his team had developed software to help students understand the roles of others in the multidisciplinary team. This used a problem based or case study approach with hypothetical biographies of patients, and angles on the patients care from various health professionals.
The second paper was a team effort between Ian Purvis (Sowerby Centre) and Dave Miller (NHSIA). Dave started by describing the work they had been commissioned to undertake by the NHSIA on the Virtual Classroom project, and in particular comparing the various Virtual Learning Environment software packages, and examining their advantages and disadvantages. Dave described work undertaken in moving towards an NHS learning strategy with many issues for the NHS as a complex Organisation. He also described how this fitted with other initiatives including NeLH and the Regional learning Networks (further info will be available after 1st April from http://www.nhs.uk/rln ) {short description of image}

As the weather was deteriorating at this point and the snow was beginning to lay I set out on my journey home, tired but having had an interesting conference.

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