HC 2001

Healthcare Computing Conference

Harrogate 19-21 March 2001

A personal review by Rod Ward



These reports are written on the fly during the conference and posted on the web on a daily(ish) basis.

There do not seem to be as many delegates here as in previous years.

There is a wide variation in the quality of the papers & there seems to be a domination by the NHSIA - many of the papers are not (even vaguely) research based & seem to be largely opinion, although there are quite a few presentations about "work in progress" but many do not seem to have moved very far from previous years.

There are frequent references to Building the Information Core (Update of Information for Health) as providing some of the detail to underpin Information for Health but as has been commented 2 years later seem slow to be still building the core.

The technology buzz is definitely XML which seems to have become a key component of everybody's strategy.

The announcement of pilots for NHS digital TV as another information route was mentioned by several speakers but did not seem to catch the attention of many delegates.

The integration of access routes, whether WAP phone, Internet, digital TV , NHS direct etc. was another common theme.

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