HC 2002

Healthcare Computing Conference

Harrogate 18-20 March 2002

A personal review by Rod Ward



These reports are written on the fly during the conference and posted on the web on a daily(ish) basis.

This year I'm staying at the Moathouse Hotel, which is attached to the conference centre, coutesy of the NeLH part of the NHSIA

The view from the hotel bedroom window showing the roof of the conference centre auditorium & the roof tops of Harroagte.


The Monday evening started with a reception for distinguished guests and international visitors held in the Pump Room Museum - which is an interesting venue. Conversations ranged, for me, from a possible forthcoming book to ways of influencing EDCs and BCS structure, along with comments about the achievemenets of the NHSIA and via the healthcare system in the former Yugoslavia.

The event was hosted by Glyn Hayes,
Chair BCS Health Informatics Committee
The welcome address was given by the Mayor of Harrogate
Glyn Hayes Mayor of Harrogate

This was followed by the Conference Buffet Supper at the Moat House Hotel

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