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Harrogate 21-23 March 2005

A personal review by Rod Ward

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These reports are written on the fly during the conference and posted on the web on a daily(ish) basis, as there are 5 concurrent themes I can not attend all sessions so these comments are based on my own experiences and views. This year I am attending the conference as a member of the press for the journal Computers Informatics Nursing.

Most of my immediate comments/thoughts/photos etc. will be posted on the conference blog which I have pioneered with Peter Murray. You are welcome to comment on items on the blog or register & have more flexibility over what you post.

The official conference web sites is at: http://www.health-informatics.org/

Day 2 Papers and presentations

My comments on the papers & presentations for day 2 will appear here.

Richard Granger gave his "situation report" on the National programme for IT, without taking any questions from the audience - or allowing any photos. He started with a reference to recent press speculation about Ian Watmore taking over leadership of the programme - and joked about being able to get a proper summer holiday as he would be having locum cover. He described recent criticisms of the programme as being a dip which is not unexpected in any large programme and referred to a British malaise of putting down high profile initiatives which analogies of roman roads and the canal system to show problems with infrastructure projects. He admitted to some of the problems with the scale of the project, working with suppliers and engagement with clinicians. He saw some of the imminent challenges as being helping NHS boards to understand the significance and getting end users (clinicians) to want to use the system. He pointed to some recent small scale implementations of choose & book and eprescribing as the wins so far, showing availability data, and flagged up some "refinement of plans" which may include "supplier replacement due to non-performance". He announced that the National Programme will be changing its name to "Connecting for Health" Richard Granger

Kenneth Robertson Dr. Kenneth Robertson, in his keynote presentation, described the Scottish approach to clinical information and highlighted the differences and similarities to the National Programme in England. He started by considering the differences in size by the 2 systems, and described moves driven by community health partnerships which transcend geographical and organisational boundaries and the need for information flows to support these developments. He talked about SCI (Scottish Care Information) store (data repositories) and communication gateways, and moves towards PACS and a generic clinical system. He emphasised the difference between Choose and Book in England and the asynchronous approach being adopted in Scotland. Common issues with the English system included difficulties with clarifying services and processes and staff directories and explored the potential of collaboration with NPfIT. In answer to questions he discussed public involvement and the options for patients to "opt out" of having their information included in the electronic stores and said that this wasn't really possible.

BCS NSG During lunchtime I attended the AGM of the British Computer Society Nursing Specialist Group

The afternoon included the satellite session organised by the BCS Nursing Specialist Group, which was chaired by Peter Murray. Richard Hayward (Canterbury) gave the first presentation examining NHS culture and identifying the implications for informatics developments. Tim Johnson (Worcester) then described developments in informatics education in her institution and some of the barriers to development she had identified. I gave the final presentation and this was followed by a wide ranging discussion about Health Informatics Education at all levels and in a variety of countries.

We were hoping that Heather Tierney-Moore, the new Nursing Clinical Lead for the National Programme for IT would be able to join us for this session, however due to illness she was unable to attend.

Most of the rest of my afternoon was visiting the exhibition and highlighting on the conference blog issues around the proposed new title of the national programme "Connecting for Health".

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