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Medinfo 2001

Sept. 2-5 2001

A personal review by Rod Ward

The Medinfo 2001 conference is being held at the ExCel Centre in London Sept. 2-5 2001. This site contains my personal review and report, it is intended to help those unable to attend, but is not an official "proceedings". The official conference web site can be accessed at:

General Comments

This page will be used for general comments and to report any emerging themes from the conference.

A general issue which started to emerge was the similarity of the issues and problems being experienced by a range of workers in different countries and cultures., perhaps the big question for conferences like this is whether work will come out of it to start to develop shared approaches to some of these problems.

Another frequent issue was the need for "tailoring" of information to the particular individual patients rather than expecting "one size to fit all".

The organisation of the conference seemed a little haphazard at times and the quality of papers also varied widely.

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Disclaimer : These reports & pictures are being done "on the fly" during sessions, coffee breaks & over beers at the conference therefore errors are inevitable! I take full responsibility for these and if you spot any, or would like further information please contact me at:

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