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Durham 3-5 Sept 2002
A personal review by Rod Ward

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The second day started with everyone in their theme groups. & Presentation within the flexible learning group continued with George Wilkie and Elgin Schartau from Glasgow Caledonian University describing their collaborative approach to work-based learning. They described the Scottish setting and qualification system within this work was carried out in line with government priorities. They described the theoretical underpinnings and different approaches to work-based learning and then showed how these applied to their local course development, in conjunction with local NHS trusts. They considered the role of the work place facilitator and subsequent changes to the lecturers role. George Wilkie and Elgin Schartau
David Dawes The next paper (for me, the best of the conference so far) was presented by David Dawes, E-learning development Manager, NHS National Nursing Leadership Project , entitled Delivering leadership development via e-learning to nurses across the NHS.David described the background and rationale for the project by considering the advantages of face to face teaching & leading into a "shopping list" of what the NHS National Nursing Leadership Project is trying to achieve and deciding e-learning was the only way. He complemented yesterdays paper which included classification of e-learning approaches and advanced the debate about the tensions between institutional/course stability and group interaction. The bite sized chunk, just in time, learning potential was described and followed by consideration of pre test assessment and evaluative data. The presentation continued with screenshots from the freely available current courses which can be found at:
After coffee Anne Smith, SL, Bolton Institute of Higher Education presented a humorous paper describing her use of Chat rooms: A new dimension to clinical supervision. Where limited use had been made by students (so far) of this new facility but ongoing plans included the use of chat rooms within WebCT for community mentors who are at geographically separated sites. Anne Smith
The next paper was my own so I don't feel qualified to comment on it.
The development of NMAP: The UK's gateway to high quality Internet resources in nursing, midwifery and allied health. Despite a great deal of work by Erica the local technician over the past 2 days I was not able to access the live resource at: but included screen shots with the powerpoint presentation.

The powerpoint presentation can be downloaded (1.5 Mb file .ppt format)
Tony Butterworth The final paper I managed to attend was a keynote presentation to the whole conference by professor Tony Butterworth Chief Exec East Midlands NHS Workforce Development Confederation, who presented a paper entitled It's the workforce stupid! Nursing Allied Health Professional Education for Modernised Health Services: the Commissioner's Perspective. Tony described the constant change in the NHS and argued that it is to improve patient centered services and reduce inequalities in access and treatment. He considered the effects of changing roles and regulatory systems for nursing and nurses and considered current topical issues related to recruitment and retention. These changes he say as part of a transition to a "different kind of workforce", within the new NHS Human Resources strategy and described some of drivers and mechanisms in the process including: national and regional committees, labour market intelligence, clinical careers, teaching scholarship and nurses as researchers (including some comments about the RAE).

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