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Durham 3-5 Sept 2002
A personal review by Rod Ward

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Not having easy access to computers &/or Internet connections was not up to the standard I've come to expect from most conferences, and despite the valiant work of Erica the technician (with support from her boyfriends "box of cables") I was unable to include a live demonstration using the web as part of my presentation, but the general organisation by Jill Rodgers & Associates was good, and the college welcoming.

Jill Rogers Associates

Delegates are encouraged to participate & to enable this most sessions and discussions occurred in theme groups. I was in the flexible learning theme as I had submitted a paper under that title. As well as most papers in theme groups there were core papers from other themes repeated so that others could attend them - I managed to get to a couple. Several people found this conference timetabling complex!

Each theme had a convener, a keynote speaker & several theme papers.

It was interesting to hear reports of individual projects in a wide range of university schools of nursing - but perhaps an attempt could have been made to look at the wider national & international significance of the projects and attempt to apply them in other settings.

The conference atmosphere seemed very friendly & the delegates included many old friends from previous jobs & new friends in similar institutions.

For a conference with "Tomorrow" in the title there seemed to be little which was really far thinking or truly innovative.

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