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Durham 3-5 Sept 2002
A personal review by Rod Ward

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Social activities (including travel & accommodation)


Grey College seems nice a spread out campus amongst the trees. Most rooms were adequate for the sessions- but one was overcrowded for a repeat core paper.

Bedrooms (at least mine) are some distance from the meeting rooms etc. Rooms are adequate

Catering & Bar

The catering is adequate but not spectacular

The dining room was a fairly traditional (& regimented) college dining room.
The food lacked flair, and vegetarians had to "hunt and gather" for themselves, but the conversation was convivial.

The bar provided reasonable beer (Stones on a handpump with a new "valve" on the handpump), at prices which seemed cheap to many delegates from distant cities.
delegates in the bar After dinner, delegates socialised in the bar - although after the first night plans were being hatched to visit an Indian restaurant in Durham for the second night (& then return to the bar for more networking).
I spent much of the time on the first day with Carol Haigh a senior lecturer in pain management, and features editor of Nurse2Nurse magazine, who has recently left the Department of Nursing at the University of Central Lancashire to take up a post at Salford.
Other new friends included Anne (Mary) & David Dawes E-learning Development Manager, NHS National Nursing Leadership Programme.
Conversations about "Dave", Schrodingers cat, the sexual orientation of Florence Nightingale, and mummification/egyptology can not be reported here (yet)...although the conference word quiz CALIPHYGEAN and it's counter part CALIMASTICAN were defined - Websters dictionary definitions to follow.
Carol Haigh
David Dawes

On their was a conference dinner which was described as a good opportunity to chat, but the afterdinner speaker Tom Langlands received a mixed reception. Some of us went for an explore in Durham and had a very good Chinese eat as much as you want buffet at Lau's Buffet King.

The Band 'Next of Kin' (aka the Peter Birchinall group) followed the dinner & some delegates let their hair down and danced especially to timeless classics ... rock around the clock... you get the idea. In the meantime the jukebox in the bar had loads of money poured into it (& never paid out a penny). Some delegates had dressed up for the occasion & fashion accessories were a common topic of conversation!

Band Next of Kin dancing
rock on Moichelle


The train to Durham was an OK 3 hour journey making necessary connections - but being turned into a 4 hour journey by vandals throwing something at the train ahead of us - somewhere around York. The return journey was less of a hassle (& I managed to write some more bits of this report on the train home).

Shared a taxi from the station which was fast & cheap

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