NI 2000 

(The 7th International Congress of Nursing Informatics)

A personal review by Rod Ward

28 APRIL - 3 MAY, 2000

    AOTEA Centre


Day 4 - Wednesday 3rd May

The fourth and final day of the conference opened with a key note presentation "Apocalypse - shortly" by Paula Procter.

Paula, supported by advanced technology - which all worked, started with a historical social and technological approach and explored tradition and risk in nurse education. She described nursing at conscious and unconscious levels and the education need to underpin this. Her holistic information model was described and the apocalypse theme represented by the 4 horsemen took us toward the future.

This was followed by a presentation about Medinfo 2001 which will be held 2nd-5th September 2001 in London Docklands

I then gave my paper What UK Nurses Midwives and Health Visitors want from an internet service, reporting the survey available at:

Shirley Tierney Using the Intranet to improve patient satisfaction.

Shirley described the context of health care at UMass Worcester in New England, and described patient satisfaction surveys which showed patients were unhappy with the information their received. As a result they developed pages of information about tests and investigations and procedures (delivered in pdf) which are used by health professionals during consultations and given to patients to improve their involvement and understanding of care. These had been part of improving patient satisfaction scores.

Keynote Dr Dave Warner Exercise " Strong Angel"

Before telling the conference about Exercise Strong Angel Davegave us an overview of some of his exciting work in Interventional Informatics, using impressive technologies in presenting physiological data and using a wide range of technolgies to support disabled patients and consumer health electronnic devices, taking us into realms of virtual reality based around the work of the "Centre for Really neat Research".

Strong Angel is a civilian and military collaboration in disaster relief work.
For more information see:

Evelyn Hovenga Conference Summary - Evolution of Information Technology and Nursing

Evelyn the outgoing chair of IMIA-NI gave a historical and worldwide perspective and encouraged all nurses to get involved.

A presentation was then made inviting delegates to the next NI congress  to be held in Rio De Janeiro. June 20-25 2003 NI' 2003 "e-HEALTH FOR ALL: DESIGNING NURSING AGENDA FOR THE FUTURE"

The close of the conference included thankks to all the people who have worked so hard to make it happpen.



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