NI 2000 

(The 7th International Congress of Nursing Informatics)

A personal review by Rod Ward

28 APRIL - 3 MAY, 2000

    AOTEA Centre


General thoughts, Themes and Comments

One of the common phrases from several speakers was "Data cemeteries" rather than repositories or data mining.

Various projects, courses etc. were described which had not really got that far as yet but set directions for the next few years. In some ways this was reassuring to realise we had got further than many others.

Delegates from US, UK NZ etc. tended to be presenting papers, whereas a high proportion of poster presentations were from Asia.

The conference was a good opportunity to meet up with old friends and colleagues many of whom I only knew electronically & was now able to meet face to face.

There was a concentration on language and terminology to describe and support nursing care, which was seen as being vital to enhancing and recording what nurses do.

Although few of the presentations presented anything startlingly new, they did enable connections to be made between different areas, and provide reports of progress (or the lack of it) from around the world. I was disappointed that more formal presnetations or informal discussions did not cover national or (better still) international collaborations and projects, and concentrated on small local work, courses etc, however this did provide a good opportunity to learn from the sucesses and techniques which have worked elsewhere. It has helped me to keep abreast of a wide range of developments which will inform my own teaching and research, hopefully enhancing future practice.



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General thoughts, Themes and Comments

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