NI 2000 

(The 7th International Congress of Nursing Informatics)

A personal review by Rod Ward

28 APRIL - 3 MAY, 2000

    AOTEA Centre


Travel, Social Activities, Accommodation etc.

The flight out left Heathrow on Thursday afternoon. 9 UK/European delegates to the conference all met in the departure lounge, it was nice to see familiar faces and as we had booked through the same agent (Peregrine Travel) we were traveling together and at the same hotel.

The flight was Air New Zealand  and was as comfortable as a long haul flight can be. The first leg to Los Angeles was fairly empty and we could spread ourselves around making it more comfortable. At Los Angeles I expected to be able to have a cigarette in the transit lounge (as the flight was non smoking), when I found this wasn't possible I went out through customs & immigration & then checked in again ! The second leg was much busier (and a little longer), I managed to get some sleep and watched the movies.

Transfer to the City Life Hotel was prearranged and very easy. The hotel seems very comfortable and with helpful staff - especially allowing us to get into our rooms at 06.00 for a shower and rest. A short stroll around Auckland, particularly the harbor area, was very pleasant in warm sunshine. It is a city with lots of wide streets, cafes etc. and a more relaxed atmosphere than UK cities, prices for coffee, snacks, postcards etc. seem cheap. A good place to shop for souvenirs, in a relaxed atmosphere is Victoria Park Market, which is a bit like Camden Lock in london but with Thai, Sushi & other far eastern food, seafood in abundance (as there is all over Auckland).

Simultaneously with the congress is the New Zealand comedy festival. A visit to " Week As", a topical News improvisation show was an interesting experience hosted by Jeremy Corbett, Willy de Witt and Dean Butler, however along with their UK guest Nick Wilty we didn't understand all the local references. The four Noels presented an interesting show called "The magnificant Seventeen" which mixed songs, mime & gags to tell some coplex stories & provided several good laughs, however Jan Maree "Chick with Skills" didn't.

An interesting day out was provided by a day trip around the bay with Fullers ferries and a unique experience for me, cliimbing the volcano "Rangitoto".

The welcome on the first day of the conference was held at Auckland museum.

Several people describbed New Zealand as more British than Britain - this was reinforced on 1st may when we saw a group of Morris dancers.

On the day after the conference, 3 of us were not flying out until the evening which gave us a chance to explore alittle more of New Zealand. We hired a car & visited Waitakere ranges which had some great scenary, including a nature trail at Aitikai (?sp) visitor centre and surf beaches at Karekare & Pithu.(?sp). On the way back we visited "One tree hill" and finally the sky tower in Auckalnd, the tallest structure in the Southern hemisphere, part of sky city. Perhaps  the "high" point of the trip was bungee jumping from the sky tower..



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