Rio de Janeiro 20-25 June 2003

A personal review by Rod Ward


This is not the official conference web site which can be found at:

As ever with these reports it is being written on a daily(ish) basis & uploaded to the web whenever I can get a connection. There are a personal comments (written during lunch breaks etc.), not an academic review or journal report & should be read in that manner, and it should be recognised that I can only report on the bits I managed to attend.

Quotes of the week

Kathy said "I walked down the beach for 2 hours, alone, nobody bothered me !! Kathy
Graham Wright & Helen Betts "I can't get anything else in once she's got her purse in." (Graham talking about the hotel room safe).

"SNOMED will be good in the UK" (US delegates expressing high hopes about the UK NHS adopting SNOMED CT without another language or classification system overlying it.

"Perhaps informatics doesn't need to be in the nursing curriculum" Patti Brennan !!!! during international panel discussion about Basic Nursing Informatics Education.

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