This is the first of a series of daily reports being posted from

Liverpool., from the 'Clinical Informatics - a healthy Alliance?'

conference, run jointly by the Nursing and Primary Health Care

Specialist groups of the British Computer Society.

This is the night before the conference & several attendees have

gathered in the Bar of the Gladstone Hotel. I have asked people to give

their pre-conference thoughts ....

Peter Murray here - not much to report so far - we're all sat in the

hotel bar (what a surprise), having struggled along various motorways,

traffic jams, train problems etc. Bonfire Night is probably not the best

night to make such a journey.

Patrick Saintas from Brighton- Long journey to get here! Not really

inspired yet to write anything useful yet- Reserved Judgment till

tomorrow when the conference starts properly. A bientot.

Just sorted out the finances with Keith...I've got to give up the villa

in Spain, Concorde flights and the membership to Stringfellows..then we

are ok. Must be something else as a perk being Chair...someone will

tell me one day - Graham Wright

Well, the av, the registration desk, the essential people, etc. are

here. Will we manage to get it all set up in time? Will Alison and

Graham get the av working? Will Graham remember what time he has to open

the conference tomorrow? Will anybody else turn up? Answers tomorrow! -

I never knew Graham had a villa in Spain! - Brian Layzell

The fact is there is a lot of earnest and serious discussion taking

place in this bar. The refreshments are non-alcoholic and all present

are focusing on the essential Nursing Specialist Group matters. This

meeting is a hub of interactive and interdisciplinary communication

based on the old formula of "information is best shared in a warm and

convivial atmosphere". This sets the mood for the whole Conference.

Watch this space - if the words become blurred its your eyesight not

alcoholic effects! Cheers to you all. Elaine.

I am relieved to be here in one piece and able to take part. Hopefully

we will have enough candidates to appreciate the work we have prepared

for tomorrow's focus group work. When will we build the bridges to

reach the influences rather than preaching to the converted? As we

really do only draw the already converted. Who will courageous enough

to venture into the brave new world. Where is Hiawatha?? I do hope

the group will survive into the millennium. Helen Sampson.

Not sure whether there will be any nurses from Primary Care here but at

least we tried!!! Hope all our hard work in organising a diversity of

speakers will pay off in delegates who are interested and want to learn

more. Just trust that all the computers and the projectors work

properly. It's not too late to come for Friday and Saturday, just turn

up to the Gladstone Hotel, Liverpool and ask for Judy

Hayes.............. Alison Young.




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