This mesage was cretaed at the end of the first day of the NSG conference. 

This is an electronic daily report from the conference.

I have asked several people to comment on a paper, meeting or other

aspects of the conference.

Denis Protti

As an "outsider", I have enjoyed the opportunity to give my observations

of informatics in the NHS. Notwithstanding the criticism of being too

optimistic, I continue to maintain that the NHS IM&T strategy is

fundamentally sound and has been a success. If one accepts that the

IM&T strategy was primarily one of establishing an infrastructure for

the eventual sharing of information for clinical and administrative

purposes, then the foundation has been built and the foundation is on

solid footing. What has been accomplished in 5 years should not be

taken lightly. At the risk of avoiding elements which others would see

as more important, it has been my observation that the NHSnet (with all

of its perceived flaws), the Read clinical terms, the NHS number and the

electronic messaging standards will serve as the backbone to a

"clinically informed" NHS. Though the problems have been well

documented, the success stories do exist and one hopes will form the

basis for updating the IM&T strategy for the new millennium.

Alan Gillies

Aside from dinner which gave me the chance to name drop about my

ridiculously tentative associations with Rowan Atkinson and Jethro Tull,

The conference was very interesting for a non-nurse. The primary care

focus group was a small select band but hopefully produced something

useful. Other sessions attended were notable for being interesting, and

the major disappointment was that at a joint conference with the PHC

specialist group so few doctors chose to attend.

Nursing Language Focus Group

The purpose of today's meeting was to provide a concrete focus for the

group - previously the activity of the group was confined to organizing

events at the annual conference of the NSG. The International

Classification for Nursing Practice has been published recently by the

International Council of Nurses as an alpha version. The ICN have

requested feedback - indeed they require it to take the work forward.

The Nursing Language Focus Group intend to provide such feedback. A

clearer strategy for evaluating ICNP will be formulated following the

delivery of the IMG's Nursing Information Research Project early next


Nick Hardiker

Education Focus Group

The tone of the session was set early with red caps and chic waistcoats

leading the way! "Crossing Boundaries" was the theme promoted by all

speakers beginning with the role of education to continue to "push the

edge of the envelope" balancing the need for education, learning and

development with maintaining interest and an element of fun. One

boundary crossed was an excellent presentation by "clinical

practitioners" who "Had an idea..." which is now a CD-ROM! The

expansion of the use of technology in nurse education and practice was

clearly evident ably illustrated by presentations on course development,

quality and type of information on the web and new software for

providing courses via the net.

Paul Tipping

Some general thoughts about the papers and sessions from today. Dennis

Protti gave the opening keynote; in addition to discussing some of the

definitions of informatics, nursing informatics, medical informatics,

clinical informatics etc. etc., he gave an 'outsiders' view (he is

Canadian) of the NHS IM&T Strategy. I think there was a definite element

of grade inflation in the marks he gave to the various areas -

especially the B minus he gave to the NHS Net - maybe I misheard and he

actually said D minus.

The Education & Multimedia Focus Group was good - the CD-ROM produced by

the theatre nurses from Sheffield was very promising, and Rod, in his

inimitable style finally managed to wrestle with the hotel's phone

system and get an Internet link up and running. Right - on to the dinner


Peter Murray

Day One - plenary sessions well delivered and equally well received by a

small yet appreciative audience. Even the av worked without a hitch.

Slightly low marks for timekeeping, which has resulted in a rejigging of

tomorrow's timetable - not serious. Fleur Fisher delivered an

entertaining (in her own inimitable manner) insight into the events

leading up to the soon to be published Caldicott Report, spiced with

some asides about the attitudes of the BMA, the DoH et al! The other

main feature of the day for me at least was the high emphasis placed on

future legacy that EPR etc could have on the prospects for real

integrated clinical records seamless to individual professions' needs.

Both Petula Harrison and Victor Peel addressed variations on this theme.

Which leads me to wonder if we are getting beyond the concept of

"nursing information systems" per se? Now to the NSG Dinner - and

preparation for the morrow.

Brian Layzell

Day one - I came, I sat, I listened, I learned! Apparently there is a

theoretical model based on trying to make a dead horse win the grand

national! Once this model was explained everything made sense. Clever

people try to get the horse to run faster. The really intelligent ones

sell it to a stranger. All in all it has been a very informative day and

I am looking forward to day 2.

Franca Mongiardi

Mental Health Focus Group

Though some what select, the themes raised in this group echoed much of

what appeared elsewhere. The abiding impression to another outsider

(from Scotland), is that the problems facing, from whatever professional

persuasion, us all are in fact common. The commonalities far exceed the

ephemeral differences. The specialist-generalist debate continues, and

is bound to remain unresolved.

Paul Wraight

Well the IT worked and nothing broke down...... so far so good. The

presentations have been excellent and those who are here are thoroughly

enjoying themselves. The dinner was good and David Markwell has just

regaled us with his tale of Healitia, for those from the PHCSG who

remember it!!!!!!!! The Primary Care Focus Group has at last got off the

ground and we are going to do a pilot in University of Central

Lancashire!! Alison Young

Long day chairing sessions....well trying to....then forgot all the

agenda for the AGM....only done it a few times so far. Good day which I

described as a sandwich; Vic Peel saw himself as a stale crust. A lot of

the filling was good and a very entertaining Fleur Fisher talked about

dead hourses...and how to revive them. Lots of folks with

enthusiasm---must get them to do all the work....Graham Wright (Chair





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