This is the a daily report from the conference.

I have asked people to contribute a short paragraph about a paper or

event or their impressions of the day.

A debate on the topic of "This house believes that clinical nursing

information is not useful in interdisciplinary care". Despite a few

passionate appeals from the proposers the motion was heavily defeated.

Unsurprisingly, the group concluded that nursing clinical information

was a valuable resource. The only support for the motion revolved on the

nature of clinical nursing information and whether the information "is"

valuable at present or is potentially valuable in future. There was

general agreement that much of the information that nurses currently

record is of little value or of ephemeral value. However, the majority

view was that this did not negate the fact that much of the process of

interdisciplinary care was dependent on clinical information collected

and recorded by nurses.

-David Markwell.

For the first time in my professional Informatics career I have agreed

with a nurse and Ann Casey in particular.

While talking complete B******s during the debate on the topic of "This

house believes that clinical nursing information is not useful in

interdisciplinary care. The multimedia was as usual above expectation.


The debate was a great deal of fun. Not least seeing well known

colleagues argue from a position different to that which they usually

hold [or I *think* they usually hold :-) ] Apparently all that data

which we have collected and assimilated over the years is not nursing

but medical data, physio data, OT data... Carried to it's logical

conclusion nursing is only doing other people's work and really we are

all out of a job! That said think how much money the government can

save. Patient nurse thyself.

Carol Cooper, University of Manchester.

The whole day has gone very well with interesting sessions and all

present enjoying the day. The highlight for me was the debate which

although I was one of the originators, proved to be even more enjoyable

than expected. The motion that This house believes that Clinical Nursing

information is NOT useful in multidisciplinary care brought out some

hilarity but the underlying it all were serious discussion of the

usefulness or otherwise of nursing information. I was persuaded to agree

with the motion as at present the ability to share data which could be

regarded as useful information is so limited as to be unhelpful.

Alison Young

The highlight of the day was Simon Old of the Department of Health

impersonating Yvonne Moores, the Chief Nursing Officer of England -

well, maybe not impersonate, but he did stand in for her absence. Simon

talked about the progress of the 1992 IM&T Strategy, Frank Burns' review

process, and some of the upcoming papers etc. from the new Government

that might influence the future direction of healthcare and IM&T in the

UK.The debate, as described above was very useful - a not too serious

approach to exploring an issue that did, nevertheless, through the range

of interpretations of and approaches to the motion, raise some

interesting issues.

Peter Murray

The end of day two: the sessions on clinical information and guidelines

etc well received. Complemented by the chairman, Dr Glyn Hayes

extolling the dubious virtues of travelling by Continental Airlines

(marred by a computer cock up with his seat allocation!) The morning

also allowed Paddy McGowan and Patricia Flanagan to describe the roles,

history and current hot topics of NPIG, CPIAG etc. Some good quality

debate followed. The afternoon provided the highlight of the event so

far. The debate "This house believes that clinical nursing information

is not useful" - highly successful event chaired by Simon Old, with

scintillating contributions from Anne Casey, Liz Rahim, Dr David

Markwell and Dr Neill Jones (a GP and nurse on each side) plus lively

input from the floor. The motion was defeated on a vote but won morally

in the debate! - and now to the bar and the prospect of dinner!

Brian Layzell

This is a slightly shorter report as I left the conference before the

evening bar session. I hope someone else will post tomorrow's report.




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