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Book coverA personal review by Rod Ward of

"The Nurse's Internet Handbook: a guide for nurses in primary care"

by Robert Kiley and Elizabeth Graham.

This slim volume by Robert Kiley and Elizabeth Graham from the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine, London, UK, provides a beginners guide to the Internet aimed at nurses in primary care in the UK. It provides a clear description of the Internet and how to use it with lots of links and descriptions to medical web sites with a focus on childhood immunisation, travel health and the like.

The first section describes the structure of the book , and then gives a how to guide to web browsing and email followed by an overview of searching the web .

The second section deals with relevant medical resources on the web with a UK bias and focussing on the 10 key disease areas in the NHS General Medical Services Contract, and other areas likely to be most relevant to nurses in primary care.

The final part of the book touches on "advanced" searching techniques for web accessible databases and concludes with a chapter discussing the quality of health information on the Internet.

The book makes no attempt to cover discussion boards, blogs, wikis and more recent innovations or "advanced" tools.

The book appears well produced with a clear design and lay out, illustrated with screen shots and uses non technical language. A useful glossary is included and major topics are included in the index.

The links to sites mentioned in the book are available from http://www.rsmpress.co.uk/bkkiley5links.htm and the book is available from Amazon.

The Nurse's Internet Handbook: a guide for nurses in primary care
Robert Kiley and Elizabeth Graham
Royal Society of Medicine Press
ISBN 1-85315-655-8

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