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Friday, October 15, 2004

Wells report and the NHSU

NHSU: transforming learning I'm awaiting sight of the Wells report on the NHSu - which will decide its future direction and remit. I wonder if it is true that only 7 copies were printed and strictly controlled - surely as NHSU is ultimately paid for by tax payers money we should all have a right to see the report under the freedom of information act? see for the Times Higher Report


  • If the NHSU is knocked back in its quest to be a propoer university, it could do worse than focus on the other main stream of what it ORIGINALLY said it would do - and become a 'corporate university' which focuses on getting its own documents and initiative deliverables in good order for its own workers (and invited others) to utilise effectively.
    ... but that is not proper academic stuff is it, so we may see many of the key players leaving, which is a pity as it really needs doing (see Oct2004 BJHC&IM re-Fractions column)

    By Jean Roberts, at 3:00 PM  

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