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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

FOI request - DoH - Wells report on NHSU

I have still not received any response to my request, under the freedom of information act, to the department of health for publication of the report by Sir William Wells into the NHSU.

I therefore phoned again, and now have a reference number. I'm not satisfied with the response and have sent the message below to the department's Freedom of Information Unit as specified in their publication schedule.



Subject: FOI request - Wells report on NHSU

Jill / FOI unit,

Ref: TO6011201

I submitted a written request to the department of health for publication of the Report by Sir William Wells into the NHSu on 1st Jan 2005. I understand that under the act you are supposed to respond within 20 working days.

I had not received anything by 31st Jan and phoned. I spoke to Veronica Fraser who told me my letter had been stamped as being received on 12th Jan (although I posted it on 31st Dec) & suggested it had got delayed in the Xmas post - and that I should receive a response by 8th Feb.

I have still not received anything & phoned again today. I was informed of the reference number of my application and told that DoH was aware that my request had not been responded to. It would be useful if at least an acknowledgement could be sent with the reference number.

If it is of help in your investigation I have a letter signed by John Hutton to my MP dated 9th Nov 2004 (Ref No: PO5006593) which stated that this report would be published shortly.

I am not satisfied with the way the department has handled my request and therefore, in line with your guidance on the DoH web site I am now contacting you.

I would appreciate receiving either publication of the report or an explanation of why this has not occurred.

I will be placing a copy of this email on my blog Informaticopia at: which contains the full text of my original letter to the DoH & updates on progress if you are unable to find any of the relevant correspondence.



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