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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Open access publishing

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Keystroke strategy for open access

This story in today's Guardian reports a on a conference exploring open access publishing of academic work and its possible implications for publishers.


  • I like Professor Harnad's idea of "keystroke strategy" and I am glad that it is being implemented at his univeristy. Perhaps this will inspire other universities to follow this example and allow other writers to share their research findings.
    Since many articles are now offered online it is important to understand copyright laws. For example, last week I received two emails from readers of a current publication. They asked for my permission to copy the paper-base article for their students. I suggested they refer their students to Medscape and read the journal article online.
    What is the "copying" policy for hard copy published journal articles in the UK? So many times I stop before I make a xerox copy for my students. This is complex and driven by the publisher's right to make a living to pay the bills!

    By MM, at 9:45 PM  

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