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Thursday, March 24, 2005

RCN: Information needs of nurses and other health professionals

RCN: News & Press article: Survey results into the information needs of nurses and other health professionals

This report describes the key results from the information needs analysis conducted by RCN Library and Information Services based on 1715 completed questionnaires.

Some of the conclusions from the report are:

• Nurses with best access to information are more likely to change practice as a result of research, which is likely to lead to improved patient care
• Employers’ attitudes are crucial
• Significant numbers are still reporting that they have no or limited access to computers at work
• Nurses in the independent or community sectors are more likely to report that they have less access to information
• Local and regional differences are reported in accessing information and the internet
• There is a high demand for value added services to help busy nurses find up to date, good quality, relevant evidence in manageable amounts
• Respondents want a hybrid service – physical and electronic libraries, librarians as well as online services.
• There is a very high demand for more information skills training.


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