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Friday, April 15, 2005

NHSU - Community - CHAIN

NHSU - Community - CHAIN

The CHAINs (Contact, Help, Advice and Information Networks) have been run for some years by the NHSu as online networks for people working in health and social care. They are based around specific areas of interest, and give people a simple and informal way of contacting each other via email and the web to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

I understand that these are to close, and are seeking alternative sponsors, although there is no mention of this on the web site.

A recent email to members, which included various messages of support, said;

"We heard last week that NILSI/The NHS Institute, (the successor to NHSU), will not be providing a home for CHAIN, and that the NHSU/Modernisation Agency/Leadership Centre Transition Team plans to take no steps to help us relocate elsewhere in the NHS/DoH. Furthermore, the Team expects us to have 'completed' our work by 30/6/05. We do not share the view that CHAIN should end then, and consequently our own campaign to find a new sponsor (or sponsors) has just begun in earnest."


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