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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (June 1 2005, 11 [2])

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (June 1 2005, 11 [2])

The latest issue of Health Informatics Journal is now available. It contains papers on:

Information management in health visitors' public health and community development activities
Ruth Bacigalupo, Nick Fox, and Philippa Levy
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 83-94

Augmenting GEM-encoded clinical practice guidelines with relevant best evidence autonomously retrieved from MEDLINE
Syed Sibte Raza Abidi, Michael Kershaw, and Evangelos Milios
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 95-110

Stakeholders' experience of teledermatology in a nurse-led community clinic: a case study
Sandra Lawton and Stephen Timmons
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 111-122

What's so different about mobile information communication technologies (MICTs) for clinical work practices? A review of selected pilot studies
Henrique M. G. Martins and Matthew R. Jones
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 123-134

Performance of surgical services within a diagnostic and treatment centre: an analysis of Trust X
Steve Page and Christopher Howard
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 135-145

Knowledge support for interdisciplinary models of healthcare delivery: a study of knowledge needs and roles in managed clinical networks
Simon M. Burnett, Dorothy A. Williams, and Linda Webster
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 146-160


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