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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Working with NHS Connecting for Health & iSOFT in Hydrabad & IDX in Seattle

British Computer Society (BCS) Nursing Specialist Group

The British Computer Society Nursing Specialist Group has recieved a request from Heather Tierney-Moore (Nursing Clinical Lead for NPfIT) for experienced NHS clinicians and practitioners to have a presence in either Seattle or Hyderabad to advise on system functionality, to shortcut the questioning of design issues and help with fix resolution as systems are developed. Volunteers should be able to gain an understanding of progress in each of the locations and during their assignment provide CfH with an objective assessment of progress, problems and issues.

The preference is for long term detachments but, failing that, the objective can be achieved by a series of relatively short term visits. Assignments will need to be tailored to meet the needs and experience of the individual volunteer and it is therefore not possible to provide precise information about what individuals will be asked to do at this stage. However, a typical commitment might require the volunteer to spend a minimum of two weeks in either of the locations and then return to either the same or a different location and development area for a second similar period two or three weeks later. Terms of reference for each deployment will be agreed before departure. Secondments to CfH, if appropriate, will be arranged on the same terms as clinicians who currently undertake work on the National Programme.

Further details and contact information are available on the NSG web page.

This seems like a good way to get "end users" involved in the development and testing of the software which is being developed.


  • While the involvement of clinicians in the design processes (finally!) is to be welcomed, this does seems a bit of a 'cart before horse' approach. Would it not have been better to involve clinicians in design issues at the start - then problems of 'defect resolution' etc. might have been minimised and the whole development process speeded up?

    Just a thought - it's what all the textbooks and experts seem to suggest - but then who am I to question the wisdom of NPfIt (or CfH - or whatever it is called this week)?

    Peter Murray

    By Peter, at 3:19 PM  

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