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Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Impact of e-Health and Assistive Technologies on Healthcare

The Impact of e-Health and Assistive Technologies on Healthcare

This report which is designed to:
* encourage and facilitate the application of appropriate technologies to support the modernisation of healthcare service delivery


* identify effective procedures and practices which may be extendable or transferable to other disciplines and/or to other organisations.

has been produced by TeHIP (The E-Health Innovation Professionals' Group of the Institute of Healthcare Management, ASSIST and the British Computer Society Health Informatics Forum) following interviews, questionnaires and workshops with more than 100 clinicians, healthcare managers, informaticians, equipment and service suppliers.

The report argues for active implementation of ehealth projects in advance of the NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT) implementation because of a "lack of understanding" about the importance and potential of e-health, as well as confusion over what exactly e-health is. Because of this, small-scale projects tend to stay that way, petering out due to the inability to prove clinical benefits and ehealth is seen as an IT and never a care issue, and that clinical benefits were not generally understood by IT staff.


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