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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fujitsu sues CSC, 'The Register' reports

A report in 'The Register' ( states that 'Fujitsu Services is taking CSC Computer Science to court in the UK over breach of contract.' It goes on to state that the legal claim was filed with the Royal Courts of Justice in London in January, and speculates that 'their spat might have something to do with the ... National Programme for IT, in which both firms are Local Service Providers ...'

See for the full item - thanks to Jean Roberts for alerting us to this. I am sure many will watch developments with interest - we welcome any comments.

Peter Murray

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  • An additional item from 'The Register' may also be of interest in relation to this story. They report under 'Walsall lost trust in Fujitsu' that 'Walsall Council kicked Fujitsu Services out of negotiations for a £500m outsourcing deal because it was jaded by the IT supplier's "brinkmanship" and exasperated by disagreements over contractual liability'.

    See for the full item. - and some potentially interesting comparisons with NPfIT.

    By Peter, at 12:01 PM  

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