Breaking Boundaries : Innovation in medical education

Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester 12 & 13 Feb 2003

Personal report by Rod Ward

As usual with these reports it is being written "on the fly", to be of interest to those who could not attend & is by no means an official or formal report. I aplogise for any typos or other errors.

The conference was well organised, with a good balance of papers, workshops etc. and time for networking. Help was on hand from LTSN staff at the reception desk and during sessions, breaks etc. and the technology generally worked.

reception staff

This was my first events with a medical, dentistry and veterinary science focus and it was a good opportunity to explore some new issues, and explore some which are shared across the education for health sector. There were some interesting people with useful insights and I'm sure I will be contacting many in the future and the delegate list contained a few old friends.

Topical issues which struck me included;

I found it a useful conference and has helped me to focus the direction of some current work, particularly the role as elearning coordinator for the Faculty of Medicine at Sheffield.

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