Breaking Boundaries : Innovation in medical education

Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester 12 & 13 Feb 2003

Personal report by Rod Ward

As usual with these reports it is being written "on the fly", to be of interest to those who could not attend & is by no means an official or formal report. I aplogise for any typos or other errors. Details of the presentations etc will be on the LTSN-01 web site

This conference was hosted by the TLTP-3 86 (Facilitated Network Learning in Medicine and Health Sciences) project team and the Learning and teaching Support Network for Medicine, dentistry and Veterinary medicine (LTSN-01) with support from cognate LTSN subject centres. It was held at the Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester

Day 1 papers, parallel sessions etc

Day 2 papers, parallel sessions etc

Social, Venue, Travel etc

General thoughts & themes.

Comments from others

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