Breaking Boundaries : Innovation in medical education

Chancellors Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester 12 & 13 Feb 2003

Personal report by Rod Ward

As usual with these reports it is being written "on the fly", to be of interest to those who could not attend & is by no means an official or formal report. I suppose this is all to do with the vast numbers of medical students and what to do with them! aplogise for any typos or other errors.

Comments from others

Other delegates, during discussions in the bar, were invited to give their comments on the day. (To include their name & affiliation);

We had an interesting after dinner speaker, interesting in the sense of how not to engage an audience. I've been spoilt in the past by being fortunate to hear after dinner speakers who not only engage with the themes of the conference of the day but also entertain the audience with amusing anecdotes of some relevance. We were treated to neither relevance nor entertainment but in terms of fulfilling the role of occupying the audience for 20 minutes our speaker was peerless. The bar at the Chancellor's Hotel and Conference Centre provided welcome relief.

An LTSN-01 Miniproject holder.

Collaboration, well, that's the key isn't it. Global, localised. Why don't we start to do it then?? Actually, this is the year when this will happen, specifically in Sheffield. Let's take it elsewhere................ Ash Self

LTSN-01 organised this meeting with the intention of engaging with the 'special interest' group involved in educational technology and innovation in healthcare professional education. We were pleased to attract input not only from those long established groups but also from three new significant players - NHSU, UkeU, and IVYMEDS. We aimed to review retrospectively some of the outcomes of TLTP3, bring a perspective from the rapidly changing public sector healthcare agenda, and look at some of the more interesting current developments and work in progress. As Director of LTSN-01, and at the half-way point in the meeting, I believe we are meeting our aims - more importantly the views of some of our participants are included here! I will let you be the judge as to whether this meeting has been a success or not...........Reg Jordan.

Here on the conference about breaking boundaries this has been a very constructive first day. It has been refreshing to see how similar the themes are that people are most concerned about but how different the solutions are. There is certainly a lot of innovation. I have found the networking very production and certainly intend to follow up some of the speakers and workshops that would support what I want to do within my own teaching. Today has been well organised and I am looking forward to tomorrow. These meetings energise you to go back and innovate Thanks LTSN-01. Andy Ginty.

Hi guys! The after dinner speaker was the best! Seriously. I am a big fan of practitioners in delivering eLearning, this stuff is hard, it is also really important that we try things. some of them wont work, but we need to learn from all aspects of education, not just the things that work well. I am now part of UKeU as well as LTSN-01, and Ncl medical school (still) and the developments in eLearning are so important to the healthcare agenda. Vocational courses are a way of showing the future, in eLearning. The meeting has been excellent in terms of the nature, quality, and focus. Learner is key. Lets keep the focus on the patient and the learners. Megan Quentin-Bax

I've learnt what a RLO was and got some ideas about international medweb sites. I don't know whether I should buy a VLE or build my own and still not convinced about interprofessional issues. Maybe students should learn how to chat in the web. Tricia Revest

A great opportunity to not only think outside the box but to actually do something external to the box. Great networking -a lot of people thinking both deeply and widely about where we really are and where we might take ourselves next. High powered group doing future gazing and reflecting and at last collaborating and sharing in a very egalitarian way. Oh and it's lot's of fun - the engagement through sheer energy is fab! Rachel Ellaway, Edinburgh

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