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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Informatics in Primary Care Volume 13, Issue 1, February 2005

Informatics in Primary Care Volume 13, Issue 1, February 2005

The latest issue of Informatics in Primary Care has been published on the web it includes articles on:

TI: Health and medical informatics in the 21st century: will the future be about EbM2C?
AU: Protti, Denis J.

TI: Identifying and establishing consensus on the most important safety features of GP computer systems: e-Delphi study
AU: Avery, Anthony J.; Savelyich, Boki S.P.; Sheikh, Aziz; Cantrill,; Morris, Caroline J.; Fernando, Bernard; Bainbridge, Mike; Horsfield, Pete; Teasdale, Sheila

TI: Communicating about medications during primary care outpatient visits: the role of electronic medical records
AU: Arar, Nedal H.; Wen, Lonnie; McGrath, John; Steinbach, Rebecca; Pugh, Jacqueline A.

TI: Application of fuzzy classification in modern primary dental care
AU: Veryha, Yauheni; Adamczyk, Katarzyna

TI: Design and development of a web-based application for diabetes patient data management
AU: Deo, S.S.; Deobagkar, D.N.; Deobagkar, Deepti D.

TI: Web-based health applications provide useful and cost-effective tools; however, they should include key clinical variables and incorporate a coding or classification system
AU: de Lusignan, Simon

TI: Multi-ontology sense making: a new simplicity in decision making
AU: Snowden, David J.

TI: Potential impacts of patient access to their electronic care records
AU: Honeyman, Alasdair; Cox, Benita; Fisher, Brian

TI: Bringing SNOMED-CT into use within primary care
AU: Herbert, Ian; Hawking, Mary

TI: Codes, classifications, terminologies and nomenclatures: definition, development and application in practice
AU: de Lusignan, Simon


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