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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

OpenClinical Latest

OpenClinical Home: Knowledge management technologies and applications for healthcare

A series of new reports and articles have just been published on open clinical;

Background -

Electronic medical records - provides definitions, barriers and benefits of EMR systems, an overview of standards and brief update on the situation in different countries.

e-Health - provides definitions, barriers and benefits + an expanded bibliography

Public reports: e-Health - overview and excerpts from national & international governenments & bodies eg WHO & EU

National information technology programmes for healthcare and first set of summaries of implementation plans covering Canada, England, France, New Zealand, USA.

Research - Projects

EORCA: (France) Development of a formal method for modelling collaborative medical activities in the ICU to support the creation of care team guidelines

Clinical - Demonstrators

ASEMR: (US) Active Semantic Electronic Medical Record for Cardiology

Commercial - Suppliers

iSoft: (UK & others) Integrated patient and clinical information systems - LORENZO: enterprise-wide clinical and administrative application. LORENZO is the electronic medical record planned for implementation in three of the five cluster regions that make up the NHS Connecting for Health programme in England.

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