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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Evaluation of conference blogs

We have devised a short evaluation questionnaire to get some views on the value and use of the health/nursing informatics blogs we developed during 2005. We provided blogs for the following conferences: HC2005, SINI2005, MIE2005. Before taking the work further in 2006, we want to get some views from the health/nursing informatics community.

You are invited to visit the following webpage, which provides a little information about the online questionnaire, and a link to it:

If you have any questions - eg if anything is not clear - please email Peter Murray ( We also welcome any additional feedback on the blogs or the questionnaire. The questionnaire is not ideal, but a compromise between not being too long, and getting a good range of information.

The data gathered will be used for several purposes: to feed back to the conference organisers, to help us in making decisions on how best to develop blogs in the future; to develop papers and conference presentations about the issues. No respondent-indetificable data will be released.

Thank you for your time and input.

Peter Murray; also on behalf of Karl Oyri and Rod Ward

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