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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Adoption and perception of electronic clinical communications in Scotland

IngentaConnect Adoption and perception of electronic clinical communications in Scotland

This article from June's edition of Informatics in Primary Care (13(2) 97-104), by Claudia Pagliari, Peter Donnan, Jill Morrison, Ian Ricketts, Peter Gregor, and Frank Sullivan reports a survey of the change in uptake of the NHS Scotland Electronic Clinical Communications Implementation Programme (ECCI) across Scotland over a 15 month period.

The survey showed "Across Scotland as a whole, the process of implementation was gradual. While there were marked gains in the availability of ECCI facilities over the observation period, rates of adoption lagged behind and varied across alternative facilities." and that "Perceived benefits of ECCI facilities included convenience, ease of use, time-saving and provision of an audit trail. Perceived barriers included the need to duplicate data entry where new systems were not universally implemented, technological difficulties, time, training and resources."

The study concluded that "Whilst, among users of ECCI facilities, perceptions of the programme and its potential benefits were generally positive, its full impact will not become evident until the new electronic tools are implemented nationally and have been more fully integrated into normal work routines."

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