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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

AMIA2005 - open source event

The AMIA OSWG (Open Source Working Group) business meeting was held on Monday evening. It was well-attended, with 35-40 people present, although only 8-10 were actually signed-up OSWG members.

The meeting was chaired by Alric M O'Connor, who began by announcing the results of the elections for the leadership team. Alric was confirmed as Chair-elect, with Ignacio Valdes as ViceChair and Will Ross as Secretary. Bill Lober was confirmed as a member-at-large, as was Fred Trotter.

The meeting discussed plans for what the WG wants to do in the next few years, and a number of interesting and exciting ideas were generated. Among these were an open source symposium at a future AMIA conference, a thinktank/OpenSteps North America meeting, and encouragement of presentations and other FLOSS contributions to international conferences, including trying to get a full track at future conferences, including AMIA.

About 10 members then adjourned to the Polo India Club restaurant for food, drinks and further discussions. A very pleasant evening and useful meeting - more information will appear in due course for OSWG members and via other sources.

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