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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

careandhealth - Laming challenges child database plans

careandhealth - Laming challenges child database plans

This interview on highlights the change in views of Lord Laming about the setting up a of a national child database as set out in the Climbie inquiry and taken up by the Department for Education and Skills in their document "Every Child Matters".

He now feels that this would not be useful "A national, all singing, all dancing, complicated database, accessible to everybody is not only expensive but I doubt it will improve case outcomes. It also breaches reasonable safeguards of data protection."

Perhaps the concerns, which have been raised by various groups, about the implications of the setting up this sort of database are now being heard & I wonder what the implications for NHS Connecting for Health and the National Programme for IT will be?

The comments coming out at the same time as the ID bill being passed by the hose of commons (with some new caveats), highlight issues around the relationship between rights and responsibilities and the individual versus the sate.

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