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Monday, October 24, 2005

AMIA2005 - Monday morning report

Monday morning already, and another day of meetings - maybe I'll get to actually attend some of the conference sessions. On Sunday evening, Graham Wright and I presented our workshop, based in the Education Steps project (see
). We had 10 brave souls who had nothing better to do with their Sunday evenings than come to our workshop. We presented some of the rationale and background to the project, what had been done so far, and some of the plans for future work. Then, as it was meant to be an interactrive workshop, we got the attendees to look at some of the outputs of the Otley meeting and give their views, from a perspective of people coming from different backgrounds and health systems. The results of the discussions will be added to the project report in due course.

Sunday afternoon saw the opening of the conference, and of the exhibition area, which includes a mixture of commercial providers showing their wares and university departments providing information about their health informatics offerings.

More reports later today, time and wireless access permitting.

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