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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement has recently launched a new service, which enables you to register to use their search engine and sign up for regular tailored newsletters.

As they say in their email when you sign up: "The site is under development so not all services will be available immediately nor are they in a final fully polished package, however we want to encourage early use and as much feedback as possible in order to help us develop the site to meet your needs." and there are some areas which still don't seem to have much content or work intuitively.

The services they are aiming to provide include:

* Searching for information: The Institute monitors a range of innovation and improvement web sites enabling you to find relevant resources. You can search these sources through the Institute web site and can save searches with the results and a summary e-mailed to you when new matches are found. We welcome suggestions for other sites to include within our search index.

* Recommended information: The Institute web site will recommend documents which appear to be of interest to you based on your saved searches and your activity profile on the site.

* Newsletters: You can register to receive newsletters on a range of topics

* Searching for people: you can search for people with relevant interests or expertise. This is based on peoples saved searches and personal profiles. You can only access people search if you yourself have agreed to share your details.

* Collaboration, discussion and co-creation of documents: you can work in collaboration with other registered users to create documents and discuss topics of interest

This appears to be an interesting move towards trying to provide a customised information service which cuts out some irrelevant information and provides material which is particularly tailored to an individual's role. At the moment the search function appears to only identify documents from the National Library for Health & National electronic Library for Health (which are still running in parallel and overlap) and the Department of Health, it will be interesting to see what other sources are seen as being reliable & what the criteria for selecting these are.

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